Excellence Award ONLINE Nominations 2018

Nominations for NAMAM Excellence Award

Only for the Outstanding and Enormous contributions to the society in a Prestigious manner

Take a moment to review the instructions and policies at the back of this form.

Reviewers depend on the information in this form and sponsor letters to evaluate qualifications.

For your convenience, the application form has checkboxes so you can check as you go, and keep track of how far you have made it through the application form.

Personal Information
Summarize your expedition and research field work experiences, both vocational and avocational. Add extra pages as required to present your accomplishments and contributions to the area they belong. For each separate endeavor, include dates, objectives, sponsoring institutions, if any, your specific role, the results, and how the results were utilized and distributed.
Must be filled in entirely
All Categories
Please mark the checklist below as relates to your role in the application process.
Completed Part I
Entered your email address in Part I on Page 2?
Answered all required questions in Part II?
Summarized your exploration experience in Part III?
Included and labeled any additional pages for Part III?
Included your photograph?
Included a copy of your ID?
Signed the application in Part IV?
Attached your Nomination Letter?
Signed the application in Part IV?
I understand that this award offered by NAMAM is contingent upon the approval of Jury. In submitting this application without Nominator, I acknowledge that my application is incomplete and NANAM is under no obligation to consider me for Award.
The form is available as an Adobe PDF document, which you may download to complete at your workstation or personal computer or to print out and complete by hand (we prefer applications submitted by email). Also, you may request to have the application form mailed to you, which may then be filled out by hand. To request a pre-printed form, call Madhavan Nair at 732-718-7355 or send a note by email to mbn@namam.org. When preparing your application, remember that neatness counts. If you are writing the application by hand, please be legible. If you are entering information into the Word or PDF document, please honor the formatting. If you are adding pages to supplement the Word or PDF document, please label them. When a reviewer has to wrestle with a hard-to-read application, the applicant gets less attention than deserved.
The Complete Application Only a complete application is eligible for review. A complete application satisfies the checklist on page 6, which means that all information asked for is provided. Email confirmations of signatures are in evidence. Send paper applications to: The Chairman :Jury Committee Namam Inc. 1107 St. Georges Ave, Colonia, NJ 07067 Send electronic applications (preferred) to: madhavanbnair@namam.org
Qualifications and Categories for Excellence Award The basic categories of Excellence Award by NAMAM is , Cinema, Arts, Cultural, Entrepreneur, Social. Award category is determined by the Jury Committee, not by the Sponsor or the Applicant. All applicants are expected to be men and women of good reputation and of excellent moral and ethical standards
The Role of the Jury Committee The Jury Committee determines whether the applicant satisfies the qualifications for Excellence award. If so, the committee determines the award category and places the name of the applicant on the list for approval by the NAMAM Board. If the applicant does not qualify for award, the committee notifies the Nominator, who in turn notifies the Applicant.
The Role of the Jury Committee The instructions for proposal for excellence Award the nominator and the application should read form carefully filled out completely by the applicant. Thereafter, the application should be signed by the applicant, Nominator. Nominator must write letters of recommendation to accompany the application. The Jury acts on the information provided in the application and letters only; it does not seek external sources. The nominator is responsible for seeing that the application is complete and the letter of Nomination sent to the Chair of the Jury Committee. Incomplete applications cannot be acted upon and will not be reviewed by the Jury Committee. Once the complete application is received, it is reviewed by the Jury Committee which makes recommendations (including the award category) to the Board of Directors for final approval. A period of up to 20 days may be required for processing this. Nominators are notified of the decision of the Board.


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